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The humans, due to problems like overpopulation and lack of resources, seemed to be looking at their race's extinction. This was until a group of fleeing, damaged alien spaceships attempted a landing on the nearest planet, which was in coincidence, earth. Many were burnt up in the earth's atmosphere due to lack of protection, and all the Zion beings, unused to the extreme heat, died before a few of the their ships, severely damaged, managed to land.

The earth scientists immediately saw this as a graving opportunity, and reverse engineered what was left of the spaceship's engines, and through a staggering amount of failed experimentation, finally found the hang of long distance space travel: it was known as hyperspace. Hyperspace was the 4th dimension of the universe, and is closely linked to time itself.

With the powers of this new technology, the humans quickly spread out in search of suitable, habitable environments. Mankind has managed to spread itself amongst many diverse planets in all different areas of the Milky Way galaxy.

But perhaps too diverse.

As the humans became more diverse, so did their unity weaken. As ages gone past, many leaders and politicians on similar sides have allied up, dividing earth beings into one side or another. It was a war of words at first, but then the battles broke out between the two sides.

One day, a scouting Orbitor that was pushed out of orbit by solar winds from a massive, distant supernova, spun into unknown territory....and discovered a planet. This planet was massive in size, full of life and growth, just like their homeland Earth.

As humans landed on the new planet, they named it System 23. Without realising, the humans have colonised on sacred land of the Zion, as System 23 contained the giant temple that holds the graveyard of .The Yhuri., that Zions believed to be the creator of their whole race.


The Zion have been long a technologically advanced group of beings. Although the origin of the Zion can be traced to a distant planet called Xen, the Zions have discovered the hyperspace technology and since then spread far around their homeworld Xen. Because of the massive growth in size and population, order became harder to achieve, so the planets are divided into 6 regions, or States, and a grand leader, a Juri is chosen from each of them as representatives in the High Council, which stood on top of a tall tower in the Zion capital planet, Taron. Those different Juris were assigned to specialized jobs in managing the Zion population. One was in charge of peacekeeping, one in construction and development, one in education and knowledge, one in technology and research, one in social welfare and religion, and the final one in charge of economy and currency.

The peacekeeping group had long had kept eyes on the human presence, the Zion are a peace-wanting race, and the humans are making too much trouble with their outgoing internal conflicts, often engaging in enormous space battles. Zion cargo and passenger ships that have been caught in have often been destroyed in large numbers, and long-distance transport has often been hard due to constant outgoing battles.

As the humans descended into homeworld 23, the Zion immediately took all their force and obliterated the human existence. Since, the Zion council has agreed to rid once and for all of the human nuisance, and is building a massive fleet with the best technology available at hand.




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